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Fascial Fitness Workshops

With Aggie Winston and Jennifer Matthews

About the Workshops

This 2 for 1 workshop series combines Franklin Method® movement principles with Yamuna Body Rolling® (YBR) exercise techniques! Aggie Winston and Jennifer Matthews have both worked in restorative exercise for 20 years. Their unique integration of these methods will leave you feeling relaxed, informed and empowered!

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Workshop Location

All Seminars are hosted by:
Bodysattva Healing Arts Center and Yoga Studio
1414 Thousand Oaks Blvd Suite 211,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

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2018 Fascial Fitness Workshops

Relax Your Neck & Shoulders  

October 6th 1:45pm-3:30pm

We all overuse our neck and shoulders! Learn how to relieve tension by using your mind while you release deep tissue restrictions, realign common muscle imbalances and improve upper body posture through self-massage!

Relieve Your Low Back

November 3rd 1:45pm-3:30pm

The key to relieving low back pain lies in the pelvis and legs! Learn how to keep these areas unrestricted, aligned and fully functioning regardless of your age or activity level using Franklin Method® Bone Rhythms and Yamuna Body Rolling® deep tissue massage.

Pelvic Floor 101

December 1st 1:45pm-3pm

Learn the truth about your pelvic floor! You can dynamically strengthen your pelvic floor for better continence, posture, intimacy and overall movement using Franklin Method® Imagery and strengthening exercises with Yamuna Body Rolling® breathwork and ball releases.

Pre-registration Required: $40 single session/$105 3-sessions

Choose a single session or pick Fascial Fitness Oct – Dec 3 workshop bundle for the discount


aggie-winstonAggie Winston

Aggie Winston, Studio Owner of Body Solve It in Westlake Village, teaches restorative exercise to improve posture, build a strong core and correct misalignments in the body. Aggie is professionally trained and certified to teach Yamuna Body Rolling, Pilates, Scolio Pilates, Buff Bones Pilates, Yoga and NeuroMovement. She specializes in teaching you how to release tension in your “fascia” or deep tissue and keep your body flexible, mobile and less prone to injury.


Jen MatthewsJen Matthews

Coach Jen Matthews is an ICF certified Performance Coach with her MA in Transpersonal Psychology. A personal trainer for 19 years and someone with chronic pain from sport, Jennifer emphasizes the practice of self-care with her clients. She is the creator of the Move Strong Mind Coaching Method, is a certified Franklin Method practitioner and uses a variety of restorative strength and conditioning techniques in her work.