Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit and unique training methods that I can expect to help me obtain optimal results from my personal training at Body Solve It?

In order to strengthen and realign the body, with Aggie’s help and guidance, each student learns to train the way in which their body can get the most benefit.  This doesn’t mean we will overwhelm you with doing all kinds of different methods, it just means you have choices and options that are available and based on how your body responds.

What additional training methods are used and why?
Private training at Body Solve It also includes learning to use Yamuna Body Rolling a deep tissue stretch for your whole body, Yamuna Foot Fitness (YFF) for restoring good foot mechanics, the Core Fitness Roller (a portable machine incorporating balance, cardio/strength) and The SmartRoller System (for neuromuscular , balance re-training using the Feldenkreis method on a specially designed foam roller).
What if I have some specific issues that I would like to address in my work out?
That is exactly why you should seek out private training at Body Solve It…

Many of our current clients are active adults who want to address how to continue to strengthen and safely exercise with conditions such as: chronic back neck pain and shoulder, scoliosis, osteoporosis, plantar fasciitis, or needing post rehabilitative training after spinal fusions, or knee or hip replacement surgery – (see testimonials)

You receive the benefit of learning a multi-dimensional approach to exercise that keep you continually challenged but safe and active for the long term.

What will Pilates do for me that doing regular methods of strength training might not?
Regular strength training is great for the body and works body parts in isolation while breaking the muscle down to create small micro tears in the muscle to bulk it up, not necessarily work it’s full length.

Pilates works very three dimensionally working to lengthen and tone muscles that wrap around the torso first, and the arms and legs as an extension of your core.  It is a method that emphasizes physical conditioning, mental clarity, incorporating use of breathing techniques that are both strengthening and healing.

The Pilates method is famous for  realigning all the joints and spine, improving range of motion, flexibility, and posture, and developing core strength. Elongating and freeing muscles improves your posture, so you have a longer, leaner look to your body.

What will Yamuna Body Rolling do for me?
Yamuna® Body Rolling stimulates all the nerve roots as you massage and decompress your spine, encouraging lymphatic drainage . Pilates methods help you strengthen and improve the flexibility in your spine and joints.

By combining the Yamuna® abdominal and spine work with the core principles of the classic Pilates work your workouts becomes easier and more effectively felt in your body, allowing you to experience Pilates work in a uniquely deeper way.

How often do I need to do private sessions, for how long, and what options are available ?
The body needs constant variety to be successful in any form of physical training and let’s face it… it makes the workout just more fun!

We recommend several one hour training sessions per week to get you out of your rut and establish better tone and muscle activitation.   However, if only one private training is possible per week, we offer group sessions for both Pilates mat and body rolling that will support your weekly private training. We also assist you in designing a home exercise program to do between sessions.

Our hope is to expand traditional Pilates training, avoid repetitive routines that are boring and don’t address your particular needs.  You will feel the difference in your body as your posture and breathing improves and your mind and body connect you to your true strength!

Before participating in group programs, we highly recommend focused one on one training that gives you the ultimate opportunity to learn to listen to your body better,  while identifying and eliminating the unintentional things that you may be doing  that are keeping your body stuck and tired in a way that  you did not really realize!

Can I arrange a Special Event with Yamuna Body Rolling with my own group?
Do you do group training in a Boot Camp? or  group sports such as with a Running or Cycling Club, Golf Club Groups, Team Sport (Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball) or with a group of family, friends or co-workers? Yes! we would happy to help you arrange your own group based on dates and availability of appropriate facilities.

Please make your reservation at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Please contact Aggie Winston via Body Solve It email or for quick response, call her mobile phone at 805 807 5001.