Client Testimonials

“The pain and discomfort I experienced during prolonged cancer treatment created a cascade of changes resulting in muscle tension, pain, and decreased flexibility. Basically, I spent too much time stationary and in a fetal-type posture. The body rolling exercises have helped to release the bound fascia, decompress the joints, and lengthen the muscles to restore my flexibility and improve my posture through better bone positioning. These improvements allow me to move with less effort and therefore, do more in daily life activities as well as walking. Because body rolling opens up breathing spaces, more space and less labored breathing have decreased my fatigue in general.”


“I have been working with Aggie for at least 10 years.  Because of Aggie’s knowledge, training, experience, and expertise in not only pilates, but body rolling and so much more, I feel strong, fit and healthy.

I am a 67 year old woman who is and has always been active. Because of Aggie, I remain strong and healthy from head to toe!  My posture and balance are better than ever in my life.  I know I will be able to breathe properly, walk tall, with few aches and pains, and play golf for a long long time…as long as I continue to work with Aggie forever!”

Bobbi O.

“I have been working with Aggie as my trainer for well over 10 years. Honestly, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without her.  She has worked on my breathing, my posture, my core strength  and my overall body health. She is always coming up with new routines to deal with every new issue I have. She is continually seeking new knowledge and enhancing her Pilates routines. Frankly…she is just great! Seek her out…you won’t regret it.”
Florence F.

“Motocross and Snowboarding are extremely aggressive sports! You’re jumping, bouncing; landing hard and crashing causing devastating injuries to your joints, limbs and body.

At the age of 38, After numerous fractures and seven surgeries to repair everything broken, I finally had to get a Vertebra Fusion with rods and screws in the lumbar spine. This came complete with all the fixings, Titanium bolts, rods and spacers!

It has been one year and I can say that without Aggies help; I wouldn’t be surfing today and feeling absolutely wonderful.  Aggie was there again for me before and after the Surgery.  Prehab and Rehab.  She worked with me before the surgery to keep me strong and after surgery to help me heal.  Aggie has helped me recover from this painful injury with her easy and instructive techniques.  She is a professional and will help you emotionally and physically.  She is a credit to her profession and I highly recommend her to everybody.”

Bruce K.

“I have been in multiple car accidents since moving to LA, I had some severe sciatica issues, which were exacerbated by the fact that my work requires me to sit a desk 60-100 hours a week. I tried many different treatments to no avail, including injections, pills, etc.

My physical therapist, Brandon Diederich at Xcelerate Physical Therapy in Thousand Oaks introduced me to Aggie, who I worked with for about a year, and the things she taught me really did change my life. Aggie made it possible for me to deal with it without having to change my job and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from back pain or sciatica.”

Nicole C.