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With Aggie Winston, Certified Pilates & Yamuna Bodyrolling Instructor

About the Workshops

Guided by an experienced Yamuna Bodyrolling practitioner, students learn the logical way to create space in the bodies, while decompressing their joints and spine as a “compliment” to their existing Pilates or yoga practice, or any sport or fitness activity.

YBR uses a special 6-10” ball to manipulate the fascial net and lengthen muscles and joints from end to end rolling the ball throughout the body with deep “traction” to open up the joints and the spine. There is no comparison to doing this and using a foam roller. . so don’t be confused. Yamuna bodyrolling IS A WORKOUT, that develops core strength but it is also a deep tissue massage that is liberating and ultimately relaxing.

Balls are provided for students, and available for sale by cash or check only. Please bring a yoga mat, bath/towel or blanket to class (mats are not provided by facility.)

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Workshop Location

Chiropractic Sports Institute Clinic
Townsgate Atrium
2277 Townsgate Road, Suite 104
Westlake Village, CA 91361

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(805) 768-4711